Guided Black Bear Hunts

All bear hunts are 6 days and 7 nights. Check-in at 12:00 noon the Sunday of arrival. Check-out at 9:00 a.m. the following Sunday.

Our goal is to make sure you remember your Maine Black Bear hunt for a lifetime.

Black Bears are widely viewed as one of the most desirable game species for big game hunters. Great Pond Wilderness Lodge & Camps has a proven record of success in putting hunters on bear. The terrain surrounding the camps is diverse and provides plenty of food for bears to forage, the ideal setting for successfully bagging a trophy bear. Butcher shop and taxidermist located nearby.

All of our Black Bear hunting is done over active bait sites. Tree stands as well as ground blinds are utilized to have the utmost success at harvesting a bear. We offer a family atmosphere, only take a limited number of hunters every year to ensure a healthy black bear population, and for the fully guided hunt only take ten hunters per week.

Fully-Guided Hunt

Our Fully Guided Hunt includes meals, lodging, transportation and guide services.

Junior hunter hunts free with paid adult.

Boat and motor supplied for hunters who wish to try their hand at Great Pond’s excellent smallmouth bass fishing.

Butcher and taxidermist located 10 miles from camp.

Price: $1800.
Price for non-hunting partners: $300.

Guided Bear Trapping and Bear Hunting with Dogs is also available.

Semi-Guided Tour

We realize times are tough and everyone’s feeling the pinch, so we are offering a semi-guided hunt.

What We Provide: Lakeside log cabin, active bait site, tree stand, our bait and bear retrieval equipment.

What You Provide: Your own food and you will be setting out the bait on your site.

Junior hunter hunts free with paid adult.

Butcher and taxidermist located 10 miles from camp.

Price $1250. Recommended Minimum 3 hunters per group.

Price for non-hunting partners: $300.

Bear Hunts with Hounds

Experience an intense, action packed, adrenaline pumping adventure of a lifetime at Great Pond Wilderness Lodge in Maine with our pack of homegrown bear hounds. We train our packs of bear hounds ourselves with the world’s latest GPS tracking technology right here in the Maine woods. We use radios for communication and dog tracking equipment. This allows us to make the most of your time while hunting. We keep active bait sites running all season long to keep those big bruins coming in. The use of trail cameras ensures a hot scent that our hounds will take and lead you on a physically demanding bear hunt that will have you telling tales for years to come. Most hound hunting starts in the early morning and you are welcome to sit baits in the evening. If sitting on a bait with your butt going numb isn’t for you, take leisure in fishing the late afternoon or watching the sunset across Great Pond from your lakefront cabin.

Our Professional Maine Guides, have 35 years of combined bear hunting experience and are avid outdoorsmen, grew up hunting and trapping all types of animals in the Maine woods. Maine’s black bear population is so large that we can now harvest two black bear a year. Maine’s average black bear runs between 150-200lbs, yet the hounds at Great Pond Wilderness Lodge constantly tree bears well above that mark. Two packs of bear hounds, plotts and walkers, make it easy for us to have fresh dogs available each day of the hunt.

Each season Great Pond Wilderness Lodge takes a limited number of hunters per week. This ensures a healthy bear population and the greatest chance for success in harvesting a Maine black bear. We encourage our hunters to practice shooting their weapon of choice before they arrive at camp, even though a shooting range will be set up to make sure your weapon is sighted in. Often enough our hounds tree the bear way up in a great white pine, although you should be prepared to make a shot as the bear runs across an old logging road. Hound hunts at Great Pond Wilderness Lodge are fast paced and not for the faint of heart. Chasing after a pack of baying hounds is the most exhilarating experience one might ever have.

Our bear hunts start early in the morning before the sun rises. We will eat a hearty home-style cooked breakfast and then set out after your bear. After loading the hounds and equipping them with the latest GPS technology to insure we stay as close to the action as possible. We head out and rig our hounds as we go and check active bait sites, checking trail camera pictures, and judging the size of the bears and at what point of day/night they were there. If a bear is located we will bring a few of the started dogs in to let them get the track going and sorted out. Once they have the track lined out and the hounds open up with their loud barks and bawls we will release the pack dogs to join them and the race is on. From there we try to always stay within hearings distance to the hounds. If a bear is treed or bayed up we will go in and decide whether or not the harvest the bear, if we do not take the bear we will gather up the dogs and head out to find another bear to run. If we haven’t got a bear going by lunch time, depending on where we are, we will have lunch at camp or near a shady stream or lake and regroup and strategize for the afternoon. If it is too hot we may not be able to get a bear going as temperatures in September and October change dramatically. It can be 40 degrees in the morning and get up to 80 degrees in the afternoon, making it difficult for the hounds to pick up on scent. If that’s the case you will have the choice to sit on an active bait site in the afternoon for you bear, or go fishing. Free use of boats and motors are available to cruise the lake and go fishing for smallmouth bass. Later in the evening we will gather around the campfire for dinner or be inside the Maine lodge enjoying a nice treat.

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